FIRST Robotics Team 2530

More than Robots!
Team 2530 aims to generate community interest in FIRST and STEM through outreach projects in Rochester.
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Welcome McNeilus Truck
Team 2530 is proud to welcome McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, Inc. as our newest Diamond Sponsor! We thank McNeilus for their generosity and investment in their community.
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What We Do
Tasked with building a competitive robot in just six weeks, our team focuses on hardware, software, and business to get things done.
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Build Season has Begun!
The 2018 season is underway! Team 2530 is actively building this year's robot. Stay tuned for regular updates.
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Be Part of the Team
Open the door to exciting opportunities with our great group of students and mentors.
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About Our Team

FRC® Team 2530, Inconceivable, from Rochester, Minnesota builds kids who build robots.

We encourage the pursuit of learning through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; additionally we promote Gracious Professionalism, student leadership, and teamwork in all aspects of our students’ lives. We model cooperation as we are composed of 45 students from six schools and mentors from a variety of professions.

Team 2530 operates with strong communication which is crucial in the successful coordination and organization of year-round volunteering events and technical training. With an atmosphere of creativity and innovation, Team 2530 inspires future engineers through community involvement, spreading the message of FIRST®, and meaningful connections with sponsors and mentors.

Team 2530 is comprised of students from four rivaling high schools and two middle schools, we exemplify Coopertition. FRC® is one of the few extracurricular activities that transcends school boundaries and creates a unified team. All school colors and rivalries are set aside for Inconceivable Lime Green.

Season Updates

Race to Bag Day


According to the FRC rules, by February 20th, at 11:59, "all rookie and veteran teams must stop working on their robot and bag and tag their robot for the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition Season." This means that, as the six-week build sprint came to a close, the team had to work long hours to put the finishing touches on their robot before it was bagged and tagged.

In the week leading up to the deadline, fueled with Mountain Dew and pizza, team members worked out some final kinks like creating chain guards, making sure the bumpers fit, testing software, ramps, limit switches, and many other components.

Despite the exhausting effort of meeting the Bag Day deadline, the team did not have long to celebrate before they were back to work. The rules of FRC state that thirty pounds of the robot can remain out of the bag once sealed. This meant that they could keep things like the grabber out for further perfection.

Additionally, grants from generous sponsors enabled the team to do something they'd never done before--build a second robot after Bag Day. While it can't and won't be used for competition, the build of this second machine will give newer members of the team a chance to work on things like electronics, precision machining, and pneumatics. Those with more experience got a chance to demonstrate mastery by mentoring their newer teammates during this build.

Inevitably, one of the last groups to have access to the robot during build season is the Software group. The build of a second robot enabled Programmers valuable time to test their code. They debugged the artificial intelligence used in autonomous mode, where the team hopes to claim the on-field switch by placing cubes upon it. The Drive-Strategy team used this second robot to get familiar with the handling of the robot, and perfect their driving skills.

Not only is this second robot great for honing the skills of the team. The robot will also be used for community demonstrations and fundraising. While previous years' robots would see their parts sometimes loaned out to their younger successors, this year's clone will be left in-tact, and deployable on a moment's notice.