FIRST Robotics Team 2530

Current Project Schedule

What we do:

Each year, FRC Team 2530 is tasked with building a competitive robot within a six-week time frame. To accomplish this, our team is structured into several subgroups:


Hardware designs (utilizing Computer Aided Design), builds, and tests the robot to ensure it meets requirements and functions as planned. Electronics, power tools.


Using C++, develops and tests a program for the robot to successfully complete tasks.


Media, Outreach, Sponsorship, Grant, Finance, Advertising, Branding, Award submissions


Smaller group of robot drivers, human players. Review and inform on game specifics, brainstorm most effective methods to gain points, analyze previous years’ strategy

Helpful Links


Inconceivable Press Coverage

  • A video about our all-female team captains and their role on the team. (01/08/2018)
  • An article from the Post Bulletin on our team making it to State. (05/29/2015)
  • An article from KTTC on our 2015 FRC Season kick-off. (1/03/2015)
  • An article from local radio station KROC on our performance at State. (4/27/2014)